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Designed for Field technicians

These apps are designed in close Collaboration with Utility customers to ensure Incredible User Experience, Ease of user adoption & seamless OFFLINE capability.

Integrated to your Systems

They come integrated to your backend source systems like PeopleSoft, IBM Maximo, ESRI/ ArcGIS, Sharepoint, Active Directory, Customer Care & Billing systems, SCADA and more...


Everything that you want to manage users,
profiles, configurations, and more - from anywhere.
No more worrying about iOS & Android OS upgrades.
No more managing dozens of custom apps.

GIS/ ESRI Map and Redlining

Native on iOS & Android and is designed with the field worker and supervisor role in mind. It delivers a stunning user experience, giving customers easy access to critical business information. It allows access to Plat map, As-Built, Red lining, embedding real-time transactions, analytics and collaboration. It supports full OFFLINE capabilities and is integrated with GIS.


Fire Flow Testing

Captures Fire Flow information as and when testing is occurring. Integrated with ArcGIS/ ESRI system. Provides stop watch and camera widgets for auditing. Analytics dashboards for supervisors to provide full visibility, Alerts & KPIs.


Valve Exercising

It eliminates the paper report for valve inspection and exercising information by using a map and exercising layer on a mobile device. By using a cloud & map view of system valves, layers, field crews are able to record valve exercising activities. This is integrated with your GIS system. It allows field crews to collect information even when no cellular is available. The valve exercising information can then be used by operations supervisor to schedule necessary repairs or service shutdowns. Analytics dashboards for supervisors & district manager to provide full visibility, Alerts & KPIs.


Work Order Management

Field Service technicians have everything they need on the road GIS, Directions, Work Order data, Inventory, Billing and more. Let customers know when you will arrive. Supports seamless Offline/ On-line mode.


Meter Installation/ Validation

Allows to provide an intuitive flow to guide through a meter installation, validation or replacement process.


Timecard Entry & Approval

Automates your timecard generation, editing & approval process. Integrated with PeopleSoft, Oracle and other source systems. Eliminates Paper time cards.


Asset Management

Enables mobile field employees to manage assets in the field. This provides integrated view with ESRI/ GIS systems, IBM Maximo, PeopleSoft, LIMS, Customer Care & Billing systems and more.


Supervisor Analytics

Drill down into any dataset, get instant answers, and collaborate with your team on any device, from anywhere. Pre-configured reports, KPIs, Dashboards integrated with your hybrid source systems.


Inventory Management

Keep track of all the parts in the mobile field worker truck. Allows to manage truck inventory and order replenishments. Perform inventory transactions right on job site in on-line or OFFLINE. Provides full visibility real-time to supervisors about inventory location and availability.


PO & Expense Approval

Simple Intuitive Native approvals across Timecard, Expenses, Purchase Orders and more… View attachments natively on the device right from the approvals list and perform transactions online/ offline.



Allows employees to communicate via modern communication channels, share/ view files from Network/ cloud drives, locate crew and people instantaneously.


Mobile Document Viewer

Integrated with your Enterprise Security like Active Directory, LDAP etc. It provides secure access to view documents, engineering drawings etc. from Network drive, Sharepoint, Box etc. Provides powerful Visual Image based layering and filtering. Provides analytical dashboards and key usage KPIs.

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