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“Check List for Preparing Your Field Service Operations for 2020 and Beyond”

Want to modernize your Field Service Operations to achieve any of the following outcomes?
  • Provide a Virtual Assistant that provides each of your FTEs with minute-by- minute optimization recommendations based on their role
  • Improve safety by rescheduling tasks that are impacted by severe weather and environmental hazards
  • Improve safety by automatically routing the closest field rep or sub-contractor with the skills and inventory required to an emergency in the shortest time possible
  • Utilize fewer man hours for the same jobs or work
  • Store less inventory
  • Complete 25-35% more work/jobs with the same crews
  • Access real-time business analytics on profitability, crew/technician efficiency, inventory consumption, labor, accounts
  • Real-time visibility into accounts that are profitable vs. those that aren’t
  • Real-time visibility into assets that are nearing end-of- life for budget planning
  • Enable access to reporting, analytics, approvals on any device, anywhere
  • Identify when to raise rates charged to your customers
  • Know when to hire/eliminate/reallocate FTEs
  • Reduced dispatch responsibilities
  • Run the back-office 24x7 using automation
  • Reduce Call Center volumes
  • View a real-time map of all technicians, crews and outside reps
  • Capture ad hoc expenses, mileage, travel times with the option to tie expenses to accounts, customers or jobs
  • Automate Dispatch, Scheduling, Routing for a 24/7 back office operations
Click here to access a check list for preparing your operations for the 2020’s and beyond.

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