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Field Service Management Software Cloud in the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas industry has come a long way since its inception. Like every other sector, there has been tremendous change and advancement in this sector too. A lot more technological developments are expected moving forward to tackle its operational challenges. Field Service Management software cloud in oil and gas industry can help streamline the quote to cash process by removing various complexities. It will automate various processes thereby barring the need of any human intervention. This will ensure greater efficiency and speed. KloudGin brings to you a single system to cater to the needs of various oil and gas industry workflows.

Here is how KloudGin’s field service management software cloud can ease various tedious tasks oil and gas industry involves:

1 - It enables mobile automation which is meant to simplify the operational as well as maintenance tasks. This makes these tasks become easier to manage and can be managed with greater efficiency.

2 - It automates the task of capturing field data which is a crucial work in the oil and gas industry. Data, forms and workflow can be managed and configured from mobile.

3 - It enables complete work order management including tracking each case in real time to keep a close watch and make sure it is completed appropriately in a timely manner.

4 - It has been designed to streamline the mobile field ticketing process. This shall be done from back office to field crews as well as service billing. Information would be transferred in real time at any time and from anywhere in the field to the system and vice-versa. This unique feature has been incorporated to make the idea of digital oil field come alive.

5 - Field service management software cloud has been designed for complete asset, inventory and procurement management.

6 - It facilitates mobile work order management and automated scheduling to ensure accuracy and develop speed for better customer satisfaction. It shall not only boost performance but also gauge and address business threats and opportunities.

7 - Quote to cash process will automate thereby lowering the excessive work load of the backend as well as field staff.

8 - It enables time clocking for both employees and sub contractors to promote discipline and greater productivity.

9 - It is highly secure. Communication between devices and server is encrypted. So, it is safe to store and share just about any information with it.

10 - It works on offline as well as online mode thereby barring the need to stay connected to the internet all the time. The data can be accessed in offline mode from anywhere.

11 - It enables preventive maintenance schedule which will increase the life of your assets and avert unnecessary repair charges.

12 - Customer satisfaction is the moto of every business and KloudGin’s field service management software cloud shall help achieve it.

All in all, this is a cost effective solution that has been designed to improve the overall performance of your business and help it grow.

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