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Invasion of Bots in the Field Service Industry

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) helpers like Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant become more accepted, the next frontier will be to move from how to manage and access schedules, find out about traffic, track packages, etc. to how to use bots in enterprise SaaS applications, specifically in the field service industry.
Intricate knowledge of business data coupled with AI & Natural Language Processing (NLP) will usher in a whole new wave of efficiency in field operations, providing a sophisticated digital customer experience. We are moving away from the automated voice-instruction era of pressing numbers to book an appointment/inquiring about a service request or deciphering the secret code required to speak to a live customer service representative. The whole process leads to a horrible customer experience. Can anyone of us remember a customer service experience they enjoyed?

AI & NLP-based Bots will Create a Frictionless Customer Experience

Bots will enable technicians to collect and present information regarding an issue even before they arrive at the customer site. These technicians will use bots as a major workforce resource whenever they are baffled. The technology will start making rookies perform like pros. An industry plagued by high employee turnover, an aging skilled workforce or bad customer experience will need these to stay relevant, competitive & profitable.

Welcome to 24x7x365 Customer Support Manned by Bots

In the future, customers will be interacting with bot agents who will run all service operations on autopilot with minimal or no human intervention. The big data-based learning and predictive algorithms running behind these bots will constantly become smarter and smarter, as every digital interaction will be stored and codified in the same way that Netflix provides you with intelligent recommendations based on your and others’ history.

Competitive Advantage for Businesses

Just as cloud & mobile are fostering an easy & rapid deployment of field service software, even smaller enterprises can rapidly deploy highly efficient, automated solutions. Bots will help companies with limited resources by delivering services & incredible customer service experience better than larger enterprises at almost zero cost. We are entering an era of rapid technological changes. Augmented reality, AI, big data, mobile & cloud that will forever change how we interact with both machines and humans in the workplace.

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