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How Mobile Field Service Management Software is Helping Technicians Worldwide

Advancements in technology have improved the management capacity of the field service industry. Spearheading these improvements are mobile applications that allow digital management of workflows, real-time maintenance of inventory and assets, and much more. The results of these technological improvements have been an overall boost in productivity, optimal use of assets, reduction of redundancies of work by employees and increase in customer satisfaction.

The Field Service Management Software (FSMS)

FSMS was developed by keeping the dynamic needs of the service industry in mind where a single mobile software application offers complete solution for improving productivity, workload classification, time management, and customer-technician satisfaction. Service industries such as HVAC, telecommunication, healthcare, landscaping, fire protection, engineering, manufacturing, mining, etc. – have particular needs that can be met through FSMS.

Here are some of the most important features in a Field Service Management Software:

FMSM Make Work Easier for Technicians

As smartphones are regularly used by majority of people, mobile applications are becoming crucial in field service management. Many field executives report the use of smartphones in keeping track of their work, such as contacting customers, communicating with staff through email, or checking service requirements. Instead of using multiple mobile apps to perform these tasks, one powerful application will allow field executives to manage all their work and service related tasks with ease. For technicians on the field often times the challenge is to perform multiple tasks on time and effectively from understanding customer requirements to completing the entire scope of services needed.

There are 5 important ways mobile field service management software will make the work of field service technicians more efficient:

1. A more effective way to complete tasks

A technician can use field service management software application to update their daily task list. The scheduling facility available on these applications allows the technician to view, access, edit, and prioritize their work. This will help technicians better understand the nature of the work required and meet customer’s expectation, which in turn will lead to greater customer satisfaction as the service work is completed faster with fewer errors or missed tasks.

2. Effortless management of inventory

From route planning and data usage to installation of devices – the management of resources and inventory is a tedious task requiring attention to detail for effective execution. FSMS application cuts down the workload and time needed to complete a task by effortlessly managing the inventory on the worker’s behalf. The reduction of the time spent on checking inventory will allow technicians to spend more time on completing their task.

3. Identifying individual technician’s needs and patterns of work

Each technician will perform their work based on their particular strengths and weaknesses. Some technicians may be more agile and prompt with their work while others may be more calculative in nature. Despite having similar trainings, no two technicians will finish the same work in the exact way. Using mobile field service management software application allows technicians to clock in and out of jobs along with reviewing sections that both the customers and technicians use to review or comment on the work pattern. This feature allows employers to understand their technician’s abilities and needs better, and will help develop work modules and patterns best suited to the technician based on their work efficiency, completion time, service pattern, and much more. The end result is a technician workforce that performs tasks in the most productive way possible.

4. Tracking work progress and shortcomings

A technician can use FSMS application to track their work progress, which will help to calculate the TAT for a given project. This feature also allows customers or the employer a clearer picture of the work being done, while the software application can raise invoices, break down the payment or the bill structure so the technician is aware of their work progress and/or shortcomings.

5. Increases both customer and technician satisfaction

FSMS application allows both the customer and the technician to access data in real time, creating opportunities for both to keep a track on the work progress, increasing customer satisfaction and allowing technicians the ability to be more transparent with their work. The unique feature of the application to also allow for review and feedback further gives customers the ability to feel more engaged and heard.

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