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Top 3 reasons your field technicians need a virtual assistant.

Remember the days when every VP and above had an assistant? Do you remember thinking how nice that would be? Of course, but that was only for leadership….right? That is no longer the case, and while you may be in management and may never have been fortunate enough to have your own personal assistant, I’m here today to give you three reasons why your field reps should have one before you do.

1)There is just too much data for the human mind to process in a timely fashion. That doesn’t mean that we, as humans, are lacking intellectually, just that in this age of big data, it’s nearly impossible for a technician or field rep to know what they have in stock, if a part was recently ordered, if there is a job or customer nearby that could be serviced while they are in the area, if the last 5 trips to a client site (that was not visited by them) yielded a specific repair that required a specific tool that needs to be with them when they leave the warehouse. They need a virtual assistant to help them prepare for their field calls so that precious time and energy is not wasted.

2) There are too many real-time changes that are occurring that impact his/her daily schedule. Emergencies happen that take precedence over regularly scheduled events.Weather turns bad and outside repairs can’t be made. There is an accident on the highway and traffic is backing up. The part that was supposed to arrive today isn’t on the delivery truck. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a virtual assistant to guide them around these time-delays minute by minute throughout the day? It would be great if they had a voice telling them not to go back to the warehouse for a part, but to transfer a part from another truck that is only 4 miles away. That is what they need.

3)You need to make your numbers. While I know it would be great to have your own assistant, wouldn’t it be even better to give an assistant to your team members so that they can be more productive, complete more work, more efficiently and make you look like a rock star? Of course it would.

Virtual Assistants are not a pipe dream! There are plenty of organizations that can help provide your team with insights all day long, recommending ways to be more productive and spend less time sitting in traffic or harassed by unhappy customers because the job couldn’t be completed.

The day where everyone has an assistant is here. What are you waiting for? Jump on in! The water is warm.

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