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Uberized Connected Customer Experience and it’s impact on Field Service

We live in a hyper connected world where machine-to-machine communication is on the rise, technology is becoming all pervasive, and everything is intertwined and interrelated. But none of this will help your business grow if your customer experience is not Uberized! Technology is no more a differentiating factor, but Uberized customer experience is.

The formula is simple – take the power of Uber and apply it to X.

Very similar to how Uber tracks your journey and refunds the excess money if the driver takes a longer route to avoid traffic, FSM space need to evolve and provide the ‘Aha!’ experience.

As I had mentioned in my previous blog, a new age FSM software constantly learns from daily operations and user interactions and then uses it to predict and intelligently recommend actions using machine learning & big data. This is going to be the future of Uberized experience in the FSM space & operational efficiency.

Let’s understand what key capabilities are required to make an Uberized FSM:

  • 1) Real-time reporting issues without calling a customer service rep, book appointments and track progress
  • 2) Alerting customers of technician’s arrival time – enabling customers to track real-time technician location and receive an alert when the technician is away. It helps avoid customers from just needing to sit at home and wait
  • 3) Reporting an outage via social listening – allowing you to listen to Tweets on your support handle, take a picture of a leak and tweet it; automatically GEO Coding the location; redirecting field technicians to the exact location; saving time and energy.
  • 4) Allowing Geofence through interactive GIS map – capturing customer feedback on the service experience real-time
  • 5) Improving security by sharing field technician photo and badge number with customers
  • 6)  Allowing your customers to run errands and still make the appointment window

Industry pundits and analysts believe the phenomenon – combining real-time data, mobile interaction, instant gratification and dynamic location tracking – is just the beginning of a technologically-driven paradigm shift, an on-demand revolution that will Uberize the entire FSM space.

Uberizing is all about bringing everything related to work orders, assets, resources, vehicles, communication in a single business process and blending them together, intelligently. Because it is connected to all your devices, you will receive real-time notifications for incoming P1s, alert messages, and calls that you can answer, accept or dismiss instantly. Once you are on a job, you can see details on your Apple Watch, iPhone by a simple tap or swipe. All this lets you do the tasks quickly and conveniently.

Let’s know what has been your experience in Field Service space. Did you get that Aha! Moment? If not then you should be worried as digital customer experience will be the key to save your enterprise from Getting Amazoned.

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