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California Water Services

“KloudGin SaaS solutions help us to achieve our mission of being the leading provider of water and wastewater services, which is part of our promise of quality, service, and value.”

Michael Luu, Vice President of Customer Service and CIO
California Water Service
Cal Water turns up its customer service experience with KloudGin

Cal Water turns up its customer service experience with KloudGin

California Water Service (Cal Water) is the largest investor-owned American water utility west of the Mississippi River and the third largest in the country. Formed in 1926, the San Jose-based company serves more than 478,000 customers through 28 Customer and Operations Centers throughout the state.

Cal Water is the largest subsidiary of the California Water Service Group, which also includes Washington Water Service Company, New Mexico Water Service Company, Hawaii Water Service Company, HWS Utility Services, and CWS Utility Services. As a whole, the Group provides high-quality regulated and non-regulated utility services to approximately 2 million people in 100 communities. Company-wide, its employees share a commitment to providing its customers and communities with quality, service, and value.

KloudGin - Unplugged

With KloudGin’s Intelligent Field Service and Mobile Cloud Solution, Cal Water is scheduling field work assignments in real time from various enterprise applications and executing them seamlessly by using a simple mobile user interface for field representatives in both online and offline modes. Employees have access to customer data, plat maps, as-builts, analytics, and other information to quickly complete the assignment and provide timely customer communication. Traditionally back-office duties such as inputting timecard and inventory data are streamlined and automated for employees. This is a new generation of work management system that takes full advantage of modern big data, mobile, and cloud technologies.

Increase Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

“Our goal at Cal Water is to continuously improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction,” said Michael Luu, Vice President of Customer Service and Information Technology. “We needed to innovate rapidly on top of our existing ERP systems and provide employees with the tools they need to quickly and proactively complete field assignments. This was made possible by partnering with our employees to design the system and finding a top-notch vendor like KloudGin, which has a successful track record of leveraging modern technology to deliver an innovative and practical solution.“

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