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The Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia | Case Study

Aug 5, 2020

Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia

Company Name: Municipal Authority of Georgia

Industry: Energy & Utilities

Headquarters Location: Kennesaw, GA

The Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia (the Gas Authority) is the largest non-profit natural gas joint-action agency in the United States has recently launched a new business unit, Natural Gas Connection (NGC).

NGC was formed, by the Gas Authority, to provide its 80 members across the states of Georgia, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Florida, with a digital transformation in how they engage with the 246,000 customers they collectively serve. The results have far-reaching benefits for consumers, gas providers and the Gas Authority members alike.

The Challenge

NGC wanted to provide a convenient, easy and enjoyable, one-stop, shopping experience for participating customers to purchase, finance and schedule installation and repairs of natural gas appliances.

The challenge that NGC faced was to design a logistical framework to manage a highly automated e-commerce retail appliance business to consumers, an undertaking they had not faced before. NGC wanted to make this purchasing process as seamless as possible by offering a one-stop shopping experience with a fully integrated and automated customer-facing web store. This would require not only development of the e-commerce web store, but also integration with other software running in the background to check availability in inventory and provide installation scheduling options to the customer and manage logistics with third-party installers.

The Solution

NGC chose KloudGin Field Service Management as their platform to deliver this innovative and automated digital marketplace experience for their customers. What could have been a logistical nightmare evolved into a partnership with KloudGin helping them bring their vision to life. NGC also chose Shopify as their e-commerce vendor and host for the web store. KloudGin worked closely with Shopify to provide integration for a seamless handoff between the two solutions.

“KloudGin has brought in a modern cloud and mobile based platform that was seamlessly integrated into our existing infrastructure and the team worked with us to develop a full end-to-end solution that we needed to effectively engage and retain our customers.” – TARA LECROY | MANAGER – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, THE MUNICIPAL GAS AUTHORITY OF GEORGIA

Here’s How the Process Works:  

“We wanted to provide a one-stop digital marketplace for our member’s and make it as seamless and easy as possible. We are not looking to simply transform the business but also transform the customer experience and nurture the relationship our members have with their customers.” CHRIS HOWELL I DIRECTOR – FINANCE, , THE MUNICIPAL GAS AUTHORITY OF GEORGIA