KloudGin Intelligent Field Service & Asset Cloud runs 2x Faster & 2x Functionality Than Competition at Half the Price

Why settle for Half The Performance?

Incredibly precise Big Data based in memory real-time dynamic scheduling engine. Designed to leverage modern algorithms, keeps frequently accessed data in-Memory while all historical data is stored in Big Data modern constructs. Scheduling engine has been designed from the grounds up using modern big data, advanced scheduling and machine learning algorithms to deliver unfailingly accurate work route schedule. Scheduling can be done based on actual past data, and not estimated standards, taking into consideration traffic times, crew skills, habits, work site anomalies, and work priorities

Why settle for Half The Features?

Big data based dynamic real-time scheduling engine, Learning & Recommendation engine, Short cycle & long-cycle work, AUTOPILOT functionality for Dispatchers, Single NATIVE MOBILE APP for all business process designed for Field Technicians, Mobile APP for Dispatchers, Mobile APP for Supervisors, Mobile APP for Customers, FULL Native OFFLINE device capabilities, Turn-by-Turn directions, Modern Communication & Collaboration channels, Cloud based integration engine to connect to your enterprise systems, Sensors & IOT enabled, Dozens of pre-built adaptors, Real-time Executive Analytics & Dashboards, Integration to Access Plat map, As-Built, GIS, Inventory Management, Shift & Timesheet management

More Cost Effective & Highly Performant

As, entire underlying standards based KloudGin technology stack is hand crafted by KloudGin. So we don’t need to pay massive costs to the underlying software providers. It gives our engineers ability to provide you unprecedented Performance & Incredible User Experience at a much lower cost. As we control all layers in the underlying stack our User Experience is not at mercy of siloed software tools. Our stack is built grounds up for Mobile, Cloud, Big data, Security, BI, Transactions, Multimedia, Collaboration, Offline, Cloud based integration and Incredible User experience.

KloudGin Competitive Advantage for your Enterprise

Building on years of innovation, KloudGin offers a most technologically advanced solution to deliver a reliable, secure, intuitive, configurable, "always-on" business operation that you can count on designed which is for Mobile & IOT world.

Breakthrough Real-time Analytics, Autopilot & Intelligent Recommendation mode

KloudGin now enables real-time analytics on live transactional data. With KloudGin, performance optimizations are built in for both transactions and analytics. You can enable Self Driving or AutoPilot mode, which starts the Machine Learning Models and you, can sit back, relax and watch.