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Modernized Mobile Workforce Management Platform Will Optimize Customer-Facing Field Operations


Sunnyvale, Calif.— February 3, 2021 — KloudGin, Inc., the leading provider of AI cloud-based field service and asset management solutions, has contracted with El Paso Water (EPWater) to provide next generation mobile field service and work management solutions for their cross-connection control regulatory compliance system. 

KloudGin’s work management platform will provide EPWater with enterprise-wide integration of work order, inventory and CIS functions. 

“KloudGin is honored to be part of El Paso Water’s digital transformation program. Water is a life-sustaining natural resource, and is becoming more precious around the world. As utilities transform to more efficient management of water services in the next few years, they will begin leveraging modern cloud, mobile, AI/ML, field service, asset management and backflow device management solutions,” said Vikram Takru, KloudGin CEO.  

Meeting the increased demand for digital transformation by utilities, KloudGin and its partners are working to bring modern systems to market quickly, efficiently and to deliver immediate customer, worker and utility-wide value. With extensive experience in delivering field service and asset management solutions across industries, KloudGin’s ability to provide a single, cohesive platform for all key field service and asset management operations is a proven formula for increasing operational efficiency and better connecting with customers in the highly competitive utility services arena.

About El Paso Water

With oversight by the Public Service Board, El Paso Water provides water, wastewater, reclamation and stormwater management services for residential and commercial customers in the City of El Paso and wholesale services for some areas in El Paso County.  The utility is recognized as a national leader for its innovative water supply strategy that includes water reuse, inland desalination and conservation. 

About KloudGin

KloudGin is the only SaaS combined one-cloud industry-focused field service and asset management solution that eliminates silos, automates work management processes, enables customer self-service, and increases worker productivity. KloudGin applications help operations develop new revenue streams and business models. Serving companies with complex, asset management and field service requirements, KloudGin connects customers, employees, sub-contractors and assets with AI-powered access to information on any device. Visit