Track, manage and optimize all assets (company- or customer-owned), asset rentals, contracts and resources by leveraging a modern Big Data- and IoT-based enterprise Asset Management solution.

Field service asset management

Asset Management

Manage & monitor all types of assets. Create assets, asset hierarchies, asset bill of materials, asset documentation, asset locations and preventive management schedules in single, cloud-first, mobile-first & IoT based global repository. KloudGin provides you with a full cloud-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Kloudgin asset management

Linear Asset Management

Manage linear assets such as roads,pipelines, and power lines. Boost reliability, efficiency, maintainability, and safety of linear assets including roads, pipelines, and transmission lines. Integrated with ESRI GIS and mobile enabled to create work orders on a segment of linear asset.

Work force management

Inventory Management

Complete Global Inventory Life Cycle Management in the Cloud. Real-time inventory visibility across all channels, improves planning, decreases safety stock levels, improves working capital, and modernizes processes while eliminating legacy hand-held devices & paper based processes with today's mobile devices. Learn More

work orders Dispacthing

Work Order Management

Create all types of work orders & operations for preventive and reactive maintenance manually or based on sensor signal. Attach dynamic mobile inspection surveys (geo-tagged before and after pictures, e-signature, dependent questions, and more) with configurable workflows.

Drone in Field service

Drones (Aerial & Pipe-Crawling) Management

Complete drones asset inspections for linear and non-linear assets. Out of the box drone asset repository, sensors, imaging, scheduling, dispatch, and integrated with work order management (human + non-human interfaces). Allows you to inspect assets and facilities where it’s difficult and time-intensive to send your workers, and create a safer working environment. KloudGin provides you with an efficient and economical way to visually inspect your assets and collect that information for maintenance planning and urgent repair indicators.

kloudGin Procurement Cloud

Fleet and Facilities Management

Manage organization facilities, vehicles, setup maintenance schedules, define maintenance budgets, track maintenance costs, schedule maintenance work orders planned or reactive, and execute work orders. Increase vehicle and equipment uptime, track and controls cost, manage parts inventory, extend vehicle service life, and more. Enables the maintenance department in optimizing the maintenance costs and get a 360 view.

kloudGin EAM Cloud

Procurement & Sourcing

Complete automation of process and activities from sourcing, purchasing, vendor management, service provider management, automated supplier bidding portal and other compliance related items. Centralize all relevant service provider information with a single record. In addition KloudGin comes with service provider rating analytics based on cost, quality, and other factors.  Learn More

contract work-order-management

Contracts Management

Manage complex multi site service contracts, SLAs, warranties and contract compliance. Contracts Renewals (blanket, change orders, service contracts) integrated with approvals & DocuSign / e-signature. Accurate data is available and visible to the right stakeholders throughout the service delivery lifecycle.

kloudGin Inventory  Cloud

Inventory Management

Complete Global Inventory Life Cycle Management in the Cloud.  Learn More

kloudGin Asset monitoring with drones

Modern Asset Monitoring

Enable Intelligent, IoT-driven Efficient and Productive Maintenance Operations. Improve profitability through automated monitoring and alerts. Gain real-time visibility into asset condition and utilization, and predict future events.

Analytics cloud

Asset Analytics

Out-of-the-box, industry-standard, pre-built KPIs like # failures, MTTR, MTBF, Asset Availability, Average maintenance costs, Overdue PM Work Orders, Work Order Labor Analysis, Asset 360, and advanced analytics built on a configurable Business Intelligence platform. Learn More

kloudGin integrate with multiple adaptors

Integrations with Third Party Systems

Out-of-the-Box connections to 50+ enterprise systems, with a cloud-based integration engine that can pull and harmonize data from various sources. With KloudGin, you can quickly and easily connect to any system, no matter what it is or where it resides.  Learn More

Utility Industry Applications

Pre-Built Utility Specific Workflows:

  • Red lining and map corrections
  • AMI Meter installation and repair
  • Asset assessment and data Capture
  • DigAlert (Call 811 Before you Dig)
  • Leaks & Outage workflow management
  • Valve Leak isolation trace integrated w/ CIS
  • Valve exercising
  • Hydrant inspection and flushing
  • FireFlow testing
  • NPDES monitoring and records
  • Mobile Approvals & Auto Time Clocking

Backflow Device Management

Complete cross-connection data (service points, backflow devices, notice history, testers, test kits etc.) & processes compliant with NIST standard and integrated with your GIS ESRI, CIS/ CC&B/ C2M. On-board certified testers and maintain their credentials, approve / reject test results, notify testers via email in case of rejection, access prior test report, create a new inspection notifications in the field from mobile device app, generate compliance reports, and native mobile app for testers & vendor/ customer portal.

Modern Collaboration & Notifications
See and feel what’s next on your schedule.
Because it’s connected to all your devices, it follows you everywhere. You’ll receive real-time notifications for incoming P1s, alerts messages, and calls that you can answer, accept or dismiss instantly.
Once you’re on job, you can see details on your Kloudgin Smart watch work orders by a simple tap or swipe. All this lets you perform tasks quickly and conveniently.
Kloudgin alerting on i Watch
Field technician
Get schedules, tasks, work routes, notifications, alerts, execute field work orders, submit timecard, charge inventory, take pictures, collaborate – all through a “single pane of glass” technology.
Kloudgin - Smart Workorder dispacting
View work routes and schedule on integrated maps. Communicate with the field, adjust schedules, send messages, stay informed and proactive with recommendations, while at the desk or on the go.
Kloudgin App Supports on watch
Track and monitor resources, equipment, work orders and schedule routes. Stay informed of missed appointments, team productivity, utilization, work fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

Fully-managed cloud-based secure architecture.

No Hardware. No Software. No Upgrades.

KloudGin provides out-of-the-box connectors, implementation accelerators and automated tools enabling you to be up and running in days, not months. Translates into a lower Total Cost of Ownership by eliminating hardware and software purchases, support and maintenance headaches, and most importantly the vicious multi-million $ software upgrade cycles.

Integration Engine and Adaptors

Out of the Box connectors and cloud based integration engine which can pull data from all those sources automatically, to manage all operations through a “single pane of glass” technology, in real-time. With KloudGin, you can quickly and easily connect to any source of data, no matter what it is or where it lives.

Industries Specific Content

Applications built on modern configurable cloud-first, mobile-first platform.

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