Predict. Prevent. Recover. Learn.
Incredibly precise
real-time scheduling
Scheduling engine has been designed from the ground up using big data, advanced scheduling and machine learning algorithms to deliver unfailingly accurate work route schedule. Scheduling can be done based on actual past data, and not estimated standards, taking into consideration traffic times, crew skills, habits, work site anomalies, and work priorities. New technology makes it possible to do things that simply weren’t possible before, for instance, ability to run in auto-pilot mode for dispatching, predicting and making recommendations before issue arises and recovering from operational disruptions.
Find Everything You Need All in One Place
We bring everything related to work orders, assets, resources, vehicles, communications, GIS, and collaboration in a single business
process and blend them together intelligently.
Dynamic Realtime Scheduling
Work order Management
(Both Short & Long Cycle)
Inventory Management
Warranty & Service Contracts
Assets Management
Connected Customer APP & Portal
Real-time Appointments
Mobile App for Field Crew
Seamless Intelligent
OFFLINE Capability
Centralized/ &
Regional Dispatching
Vehicle, GPS
& mileage tracking
Alerts & Notifications
Shift & Timesheet Management
Access Plant Map & AS-Built
Adaptors to CIS, WAM, ESRI/ GIS,
SCADA & Sensors
Service Analytics & Reports
Machine Learning Based
AUTOPILOT Industry Models
Intelligent Knowledge Management
IOT (Connected Devices & Sensors)
Predictive Field Service & Asset
Maintenance Engine
Social Listening
Purchase Orders

Cal Water turns up its customer service experience with KloudGin

Entirely New User Experience
Designed to serve just the right amount of information anytime, anywhere, and to any device, natively.
The user experience is optimized for each device based on their role such as Dispatcher, Field Technician,
Supervisor, Customer Service Rep,  C-level executive,  or end customer.

Leveraging machine learning for innovation in every interaction
KloudGin’s Intelligent Field Service & Asset Cloud is unlike anything ever built. It constantly learns from daily operations
and user interactions to predict and recommend actions.
Complete Enterprise Asset Management for Asset lifecycle Maintenance
Track and manage all types of assets and equipment with single Big data based repository throughout the asset lifecycle. Out of box Assets Analytics,  Asset 360,   Asset Command Center,   Spatial and Map management, Preventive maintenance schedule,  Full Project life cycle, Inventory management,  Safety & Hazards,  Sensor integration,  Work Order management,  scheduling & routing and Native Mobile APP with advanced workflow & offline features.KloudGin provides you with full cloud based Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).
Complete Global Inventory Life Cycle Management in the Cloud
Single unified cloud based global repository for inventory items, inventory locations (warehouse, sub-inventory, remote, truck/ mobile inventory). Out of the box support for all inventory transactions (receipts, issues, transfers, adjustments, returns against multiple sources) both in online/ offline on mobile devices. Full inventory costing, planning & analytics which includes item costing, item tracking, serial and lot tracking, mobile bar code scanner, physical inventory, cycle count, material planning (min/max, reorder points). All this comes integrated with complete work order management capabilities including job execution, job cost, timecards and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Real-time accurate inventory visibility across all channels
  • Reduce inventory and increase working capital with real-time incites
  • Better inventory planning and decrease safety stock levels to cut costs
  • Pre-built real-time analytics & alerts minimize out-of-stock situations
  • Eliminates old hand-held devices & paper based processes with modern mobile devices

Modern Asset Tracking & Monitoring
With KloudGin Asset Cloud you track exactly how many hours were spent on a repair? You will know now when buying a new asset makes more sense than repairing it again?
With KloudGin your assets can automatically book their own service calls when the equipment goes down or hits a threshold of use. KloudGin then geo-fences each asset that you own so that when a technician comes within a specific radius of that asset, the time clock starts, allowing you to track hours of labor with precision.
KloudGin also tracks parts used during a repair and downtime so that you can accurately calculate when the cost of repairing the equipment has surpassed the price of a new asset.
Set your loss thresholds and KloudGin can even automatically order the new asset from the manufacturer and schedule the install. Without any human intervention.

    Connected Customer Care APP

  • For Your Always ON Customer
  • Learn More >>

Modern Collaboration & Notifications
See and feel what’s next on your schedule.
Because it’s connected to all your devices, it follows you everywhere.
You’ll receive real-time notifications for incoming P1s, alerts messages, and calls that you can answer, accept or dismiss instantly.
Once you’re on job, you can see details on your by simple tap or swipe. All this let’s you do the tasks quickly and conveniently.
Field technician
Get schedules, tasks, work routes, notifications, alerts, execute field work orders, submit timecard, charge inventory, take pictures, collaborate – all through a “single pane of glass” technology.
View work routes and schedule on integrated maps. Communicate with the field, adjust schedules, send messages, stay informed and proactive with recommendations, while on desk or on the Go.
Track and monitor resources, equipment, work orders and schedule routes. Stay informed on missed appointments, team productivity, utilization, work fulfillment and customer satisfaction.
Fully-managed cloud based
secure architecture
No Hardware. No Software. No Upgrades.
KloudGin provides out of the box connectors, implementation accelerators and automated tools enabling you to be up and running in days, not months.
Translates into a lower Total cost of ownership by eliminating hardware and software purchases, support and maintenance headaches,
and most importantly the vicious multi-million $ software upgrade cycles.
Intelligent offline mode
Automatically adjusts when field crews lose connectivity.
KloudGin Support
Our team is the go-to for your team
One email. One phone number. All the help you need: from field service questions to mobile device feature guidance. Your employees can contact us directly too, which means less work for you
and faster resolution for them
Out of the Box connectors and cloud based integration engine that can pull and harmonize data from various sources
enabling customers to manage all their operations from a “single pane of glass” technology, in real-time. With KloudGin,
you can quickly and easily connect to any source of data, no matter what it is or where it resides.

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