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“With KloudGin, we are able to connect our customers, trucks, inventory and IoT-enabled assets so that our operations can run in real-time, connecting 24/7 with our customers and enabling us to react to service needs before a client has a hard-down”.

Alex Gasbarre, President
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Gasbarre Products, Inc. Use Case: How Gasbarre leverages KloudGin on AWS to bring a next generation IoT Connected Industry 4.0 to their Customers.

“With KloudGin, we are able to connect our customers, trucks, inventory and IoT-enabled assets so that our operations can run in real-time, connecting 24/7 with our customers and enabling us to react to service needs before a client has a hard-down.” Alex Gasbarre, President

Gasbarre Products, Inc. is an international designer, manufacturer and marketer of capital equipment and related services that focuses on primary process equipment for powder metallurgy, particulate materials and thermal processing industries worldwide. Gasbarre is using AWS to launch KloudGin’s Intelligent Field Service and Asset Cloud and Connected Customer App, which allows them to connect work orders, assets, mobile field technicians and customers in real-time with embedded operational analytics to drive efficiencies. KloudGin on AWS enables customers like Gasbarre to connect IoT sensors installed in their assets to their dispatch center, automating the process of dispatch when a sensor indicates that service is required – prior to a hard down.

A Pioneer in Capital Equipment

Gasbarre Products, Inc. has been a pioneer in the design, manufacturing and servicing of a complete line of powder compaction and sizing presses for the powder metallurgy industry. Since Gasbarre’s start in 1973, it has acquired or developed technologies that complement each other across markets and processes. Those developments include Continuous Belt Furnaces, Vacuum Furnaces and Industrial Batch Furnaces; Hydraulic, High-Speed and Cold Isostatic Powder Compaction Presses; Precision Tool & Die; and Contract Manufacturing. Gasbarre Products, Inc. has grown to nine divisions and subsidiaries, earning a worldwide reputation as a full-service supplier to the powder metallurgy, particulate materials, electronic component and thermal processing industries. With nine product lines and 250 employees, Gasbarre Products stands alone in the ability to offer equipment and services for all processes related to powder compaction. With 20% of Gasbarre Products, Inc. production exported, today there are thousands of Gasbarre Products presses, furnaces and other equipment in operation around the world.

Gasbarre recognized that to remain the leader in the global press, furnace and tooling space, they would need a technology that enabled them to capture all data digitally and receive sensor signal data from IoT-enabled equipment installed at their customer sites. In 2018, Gasbarre chose KloudGin running on AWS to allow their technicians to have a 360-degree view of all machinery and enable installed assets to book their own service calls by setting IoT thresholds that when breached, triggers a service call before the machine goes down and revenues are lost.

The Need for Scalability, Speed and Real-Time Information

To compete in this global market and tool up for 4th Industrial revolution, Gasbarre recognized that without the ability to set a streamlined, digital operational workflow that connects equipment crews, people and all data points instantly, it would not be serving its customers to the fullest extent possible with the available technology. The need to see real-time job costing had become mandatory. Being able to connect all of their technicians in a way that allowed them to scale up and down instantly, rapidly extract manufacturer information and serial numbers on installed equipment, and provide instant access to an asset’s history, while tracking time and materials used on the install and service calls was the differentiator they knew they needed to provide outstanding customer service. Given Gasbarre’s history of acquisition, being able to scale in a moment’s notice providing instant access to data in real- time on any device, anywhere around the globe was why they chose the KloudGin solution running on the modern AWS platform.

Connected Industry 4.0

Gasbarre knows that the future is dependent on being able to connect to a best-in-breed set of applications seamlessly. KloudGin’s ability to connect Gasbarre to their financial solution and their CRM, as well as to other future global solutions using open integration architecture was a key differentiator when making their technology decision. No longer are customers limited to full suite solutions or separate solutions for inventory, assets, work orders, scheduling and dispatching, mobile field service, IoT capabilities and Connected Customer. When you run on AWS, companies like KloudGin enable customers like Gasbarre to bring the solutions that best work for them into a complete solution. Automating a workflow on top of these integrations that allow connected assets to book service calls without a dispatcher present, is why KloudGin was a winning solution.

Connected Customer 4.0

Connecting to customers 24/7 is a must in this day and age. Even more important is enabling your customers to self-service when interacting with your organization. Gasbarre chose KloudGin because their native mobile applications such as the Connected Customer App, allowed their customers to be more efficient – no longer waiting for business hours to book a service call or waiting for a 4-hour service window. KloudGin, allows Gasbarre customers the ability to book a service call in the middle of the night, see where the technician is on a map (a la Lyft), see the technician’s ETA,, review past work orders and, access contracts & manufacturer information such as warranties – all in real-time from any device anywhere. Without the speed and scalability of KloudGin powering their digital customer experience, Gasbarre is staying ahead of the curve instead of falling behind.

The Benefits

Using KloudGin, Gasbarre Products has launched into the 4 th Industrial Revolution by connecting their people, their assets and their customers together to generate real-time business insights that are differentiating them in the marketplace. The ability to provide better service to their customers, automate service calls when an IoT- enabled device indicates that service is required and allow their customers to connect with them throughout the day and night is why Gasbarre chose KloudGin. No longer do they require IT resources to support their technology stack. No longer do they require hardware or have to pay for software upgrades or maintenance. This translates into less downtime and resources spent on technology maintenance. “This means that our people can focus on strategically servicing our clients and building our brand to international recognition,” says Alex Gasbarre, President.

Alex Gasbarre already has plans to expand into areas such as scheduling and dispatch automation, as well as leveraging KloudGin’s use of AWS Lex technology to allow his employees and technicians to gather the data necessary to perform their jobs without typing or clicking. “Imagine a world where work orders can be opened, inventory tracked, jobs assigned, appointments booked and asset videos accessed by just speaking into an App. With KloudGin and AWS we are nearly there,” said Gasbarre. This is the future of operations – and the future is here.

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