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With KloudGin we get “Single Face of Work for project construction, asset maintenance and customer field service orders on a single modern enterprise cloud platform. Plus with KloudGin, we got an honest partner and world class user experience.

Ben Morgan, Vice President – Field Operations
Hawaiian Telecom
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Hawaiian Telcom

Dedicated to Serving Hawai’i, our Home. Over the last two decades Hawaiian Telcom’s mission has evolved dramatically, both in the area of communications – Internet, wireless, and data transmission – and also in broader digital applications that improve their customers’ worlds every day, whether they’re residential, business or government. Hawaiian Telcom has become deeply engaged in a wide variety of new products and services. From the fiber that feeds your 4G wireless network to digital television. From Hosted Voice to virtual colocation. From enabling new office towers with fiber for greater connectivity to laying new undersea cables across the Pacific to Asia. Today, Hawaiian Telcom is offering 1 Gig broadband service, providing state-of-the-art cloud services for businesses, and expanding Hawaii’s largest next-generation fiber network.

Hawaiian Telcom Deployed KloudGin Field Service & Asset Cloud (for both long-cycle and short cycle work) as part of a cloud-first and mobile-first strategy).

Hawaiian Telcom now uses KloudGin for fiber optic cable installation projects across all Hawaiian islands. Long-cycle fiber project details, schedules, budgets, and tasks are defined in KloudGin and then routed for approval and build cycle from Planning to Engineering to Operations teams.

Work Queue management and SLA templates are also managed through the KloudGin application. Stakeholders are notified of progress of capital work at various stages of execution as well as financial and schedule risks through KloudGin notifications.

The Operations team is responsible for execution of the project tasks. Work Orders are created for the employee and subcontractor crews. The employee and subcontractor crews log-in and clock their time against tasks. The field crew leads (local managers) complete the work orders and charge labor hours to the job. Inventory is tracked and then sent to ERP using KloudGin Integration engine and adaptors.

All short-cycle customer service field orders are auto scheduled, route optimized, dispatched, and mobile executed on KloudGin. KloudGin is used across project construction, asset maintenance, and customer service field orders. KloudGin is automating all of our Outside Plant and Inside Plant work orders and now we have centralized work order management cloud system between planning, engineering and OPCEN. KloudGin is able to handle complex workflows including single work order and multiple operations with multi day crews and other unique nuances specific to the telecom industry. KloudGin application handles Drops and Regular Installs and handles work movement and completion between repair crews and conduit crews.

With KloudGin, Hawaiian Telcom has a single scheduling engine, an appointment quota management and dispatch board for both long-cycle (fiber deployment, transmission, central office equipment) and short-cycle (customer facing jobs like installs and repairs).

All field crews (employees and subcontractors) have a single native mobile app which is easy to use, deploy and maintain. Moving to KloudGin automated scheduling is driving better operational efficiency and efficient use of their resources and hence driving customer satisfaction.

“With KloudGin we have eliminated vicious and costly hardware and software upgrade cycles. All field crews have a single native mobile app which is easy to use, deploy, and maintain. Moving to automated scheduling is driving better operational efficiency and efficient use of our resources, thus driving our ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. We are also excited about deploying additional modules, such as the Connected Customer App, which will greatly improve the Customer Experience.” said Ben Morgan, Vice President – Field Operations.

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