What makes KloudGin different

KloudGin help enterprises to modernize, increase efficiency, safety, customer's satisfaction, eliminate paper & disjointed processes. How? KloudGin has designed workflows that apply to the unique needs of your industry. KloudGin automates and optimizes all your processes related to field operations, asset, vendors, customers & employees. KloudGin built on a configurable cloud platform that leverages modern technologies like Big Data, Mobility, Machine Learning, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Internet of Things (response to sensor signals) & Process Automation.

Kloudgin Field service  help enterprises to modernize, increase efficiency, safety, customer's satisfaction

Built for Industry Focus

KloudGin has designed workflows that apply to the unique needs of your industry. KloudGin automates your processes starting from Quoting, Service Contracts, Purchase Orders, Vendor Management, Projects, Work order Management, Scheduling, Real-time appointments, Mobile Field Crew execution, Time Clocking, Asset Management, Inventory Management, Digital surveys, Connected Customer APP and business analytics - delivered in the cloud, in one-place, in real-time, on-line or offline on any device.

Built for real-time executive analytics

KloudGin comes with a configurable BI platform and out of the box Executive Analytics, which provides real-time answers to familiar questions you always have. Am I making money? Which contracts/ jobs I am losing money? Am I serving customers needs fast? Who is best suited for the job? This provides incredible real-time insights for you to drive growth & profitability.

Built for incredibly precise real-time scheduling

Scheduling engine has been designed from the ground up using big data, advanced scheduling and machine learning algorithms to deliver unfailingly accurate work route schedule. Scheduling can be done based on actual past data, and not estimated standards, taking into consideration traffic times, crew skills, habits, work site anomalies, and work priorities.

Built for user experience & performance

KloudGin is built on its own independent modern stack which enables incredible user experience, configuration and performance across all layers. KloudGin mobile platform is built using native mobile technology which provides incredible user experience, fast app performance, offline & security.

Built for Cloud & next generation Edge Computing

KloudGin solution was built from the start on a true cloud & edge computing architecture. This translates into a lower total cost of ownership by eliminating hardware and software purchases, support, maintenance headaches, and most importantly the vicious software upgrade cycles.

Built for Integration

KloudGin software comes with an integration engine and dozens of out-of-the-box adaptors that enable you to connect all on-premise and cloud systems seamlessly.

Built for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

KloudGin captures and stores all data (structured & un-structured) and digital interactions between mobile field crews, customers, back office/dispatch,vendors, contractors, fleets, assets, inventory, work orders, traffic, sensors, plan simulations, and more. It then processes these millions of interactions using edge & cloud computing to serve AI to the right person at the exact time and place where it’s needed. Businesses can leverage all this data to increase revenue, operational efficiency, safety, and provide an incredibly personalized customer experience.

Built for success

As a cloud vendor, we know that you have a choice, and we have to earn your business every day. And we like it that way, because it keeps us totally aligned with what matters to you.

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