Kloudgin - Field service

Facilities Maintenance & Cleaning Service

With KloudGin, you get a single modern system designed for your industry specific workflows out-of-the-box from Janitorial, facilities services (including carpet, hard floors, flooring, cafeteria, HVAC), snow removal, parking lot maintenance, landscaping, professional day porter, engineering, culinary services for Commercial Office, Industrial, Conference Centers, Medical Facilities, Retail and Dining Establishments, Entertainment Facilities and Airports.

A system built for the modern connected world.

With the increased competition due to new entrants leveraging modern technology, razor-thin margins, high customer touch points, aging assets, higher labor cost, and increasing customer expectations is putting tremendous pressure on the companies to modernize rapidly.

KloudGin is easy to use and beautiful.

With KloudGin you can:

  • Modernize & Optimize your Operations
  • Increase Efficiency, Safety & Customer Satisfaction
  • Provide Incredible Customer Experience
  • Eliminate costly & vicious upgrade cycles

Applications for the Facilities Maintenance & Cleaning Service.

Applications built on modern configurable cloud-first, mobile-first platform.
Kloudgin - Field service

Commercial Service Solutions & Image Property Services Turns up its Facilities Maintenance Operations with KloudGin

CSS Cleans & ImageCleans.com

“With KloudGin, we have standardized sales, service, work order, scheduling, billing, inventory and time tracking processes – all in one mobile enabled application. The speed and agility you gain with KloudGin Cloud – it’s unprecedented”

Tom Carlson, Principal
Commercial Service Solutions | Image Property Services
Kloudgin - Creates a success story with Commercial Service solutions

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