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Automate your “QUOTE-TO-CASH” process.

Provide an incredible connected customer experience as the industry evolves. With KloudGin, you get a single, modern system designed for your industry-specific workflows.

A system built for the modern connected world.

As Oil & Gas industry speeds ahead towards the fourth industrial revolution, legacy asset maintenance and service solutions will become bottlenecks to hyper competitive modern connected world. Modern field services companies will work in a fast paced environment, use high-tech connected assets such as robots, smart machines, drones, 3-D printers. In addition meeting the ever-increasing demands of other regulatory bodies is a constant struggle.

KloudGin is easy to use and beautiful.

With KloudGin you can:

  • Streamline the mobile field ticketing and quote-to-cash process from back office, to field crews, to service billing
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and time intensive paper based processes
  • Reduce DSO and revenue leakage & lost field tickets
  • Greater visibility into your resources, equipment planning and utilization
  • Improve Quality and track potential hazards
  • Automated time clocking and crew management (employees and subcontractors)
  • Complete asset, inventory, procurement and sourcing management
  • Address the latest business threats and opportunities rapidly
  • Eliminate costly & vicious upgrade cycles

SwiftWater Energy Services

“With KloudGin we have modernized our critical field ticketing process. With their seamless integration into our Financial system we are able to monitor live Gross Margins adjust accordingly and make sound financial decisions moving forward. KloudGin is an integral partner to our Organization.”

Shawn Rye, Controller
SwiftWater Energy Services
KloudGin - Woks for Swiftwater solutions

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