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Single configurable native mobile and cloud-based application for all your business processes.

Cloud Computing

KloudGin is delivered as a SaaS application.Translates into a lower Total cost of ownership by eliminating hardware and software purchases,support and maintenance headaches,and most importantly the vicious multi-million $ software upgrade cycles.KloudGin runs globally on Amazon Web services (AWS) cloud which is Fast,Reliable & Secure‎.

Magical UI Layer for All Your Business Processes

Single App for all your business processes eliminates any native mobile & html5 coding. Business users consume enterprise data in a natural style that is easy, intuitive and secure. All aspects of a business flow including analytics, transactions, multimedia, collaboration, device features & offline are now available in one APP.

Cloud based Integration Engine and Adaptors

Out of the Box connectors 5 7+ enterprise systems and cloud based integration engine that can pull and harmonize data from various sources, enabling customers to manage all their operations from a “single pane of glass” technology, in real-time. With KloudGin, you can quickly and easily connect to any system, no matter what it is or where it resides.

Intelligent Offline Native Mobile for iOS & Android

Encrypted, intelligent offline capability which is source-system agnostic (connects to on-premise or cloud- based systems). Supports offline BI & transactional capability with the ability to sync data back to the source systems when back online.


All communications are over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. All mobile offline data is encrypted using AES 256-based hardware encryption. KloudGin also directly integrates with Single Sign On (SSO), LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, OKTA and SAML 2.0 for authentication

Configurable Business Workflows

Leverage KloudGin Design Studio to rapidly integrate your business processes through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and library of seeded widgets without writing any native mobile device code. Changes are published to the users with one click and do not require new app downloads. KloudGin enables a single UI layer for all your business processes.


KloudGin is your business user's personal mobile experience and is filled with the things they care about. Business users consume enterprise data in a natural style that is easy and intuitive. All aspects of a business flow including analytics, transactions, multimedia, collaboration, device features & offline are now available in one App.


Business Analysts uses a drag and drop tool to build and share with end users.


Developers connect approved business ffow to the existing or new data sources.


Administrators can publish, define and control user access, deployments and monitor usage.

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BI & Reporting and Native Mobile Transactions

KloudGin has vast library of BI, Analytics & native widgets to support various enterprise transaction scenarios including master details,approval flows etcs


  • Rapid deployment
  • Low TCO
  • Drive User Adoption by enabli ng modern integrated business process rather than “siloed” departmental systems flows
  • Single Native APP for Everything (NO Native Mobile coding required)
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Entirely New User Experience

Designed to serve just the right amount of information anytime, anywhere, and to any device, natively. The user experience is optimized for each device based on their role such as Dispatcher, Field Technician, Supervisor, Customer Service Rep, C-level executive, or end customer.

Intelligent offline mode

Automatically adjusts when field crews lose connectivity.

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Leveraging machine learning for innovation in every interaction

KloudGin’s Intelligent Field Service & Asset Cloud is unlike anything ever built. It constantly learns from daily operations and user interactions to predict and recommend actions.

Transform your Enterprise with KloudGin

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