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Intelligently track time on any device to streamline payroll as well as ensure accuracy of customer invoices and paychecks for employees and subcontractors.

Time Clocking

Intuitive, easy-to-use, time clocking allows employees to clock time with a single tap of any mobile device, anywhere. Using personal or company devices (iPhone, Android Phone, Tablets), employees or contractors can clock in/out, track breaks and receive overtime alerts automatically. With or without cell coverage, the app tracks time accurately and it leverages GPS to automate time stamping and geo-fencing to record time by job or location with precision. With up-to-the-minute visibility, organizations can gain clear visibility into where their people are and whether they are adhering to process and policy.

Native Mobile App

The multi-lingual, native mobile app (iOS or Android) tracks and enables approval flows for employees’ & subcontractors’ time online or offline. GPS functionality can track users on a Google map throughout the day for clear visibility into enterprise-wide activity. The app captures time by a variety of dimensions including: projects, jobs, category, travel time, admin time, warehouse time, PTO, sick leave, breaks and more. Crew supervisors can clock team members in/out, review & approve time cards all while on the go. The app integrates with KloudGin Intelligent Field Service Cloud for automated scheduling & dispatch
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Automatic Scheduling & Dispatch

Automate your scheduling & dispatch with advanced, real-time scheduling which leverages the power of Machine Learning algorithms to deliver an unfailingly accurate schedule and work route. Automatically dispatch job schedules to your field crews and generate their work orders with the description, parts, equipment, digital forms/surveys, task workflows and warranty information needed to complete the job. Automate your entire “Quote-to-Cash” process by bringing together everything related to cases, work orders, contracts, purchase orders, assets, resources, vehicles, communications, GIS, and collaboration into a single business process.   Learn More

Dashboard & Reports

Best practice metrics, pre-built analytics, reports and dashboards are delivered on a highly configurable and extensible Business Intelligence (BI) platform. The time clocking BI provides an array of out-of-the-box content from real-time, detailed time card reports and time card approval/ review dashboards, as well as time clocking reports by: project/ contract/ customer/ job and more. For managers, a supervisor dashboard is provided for reviewing & approving time, spotting trends, ensuring compliance and identifying anomalies.  Learn More

Proactive Compliance, Alerts and configurable rules

With automated reminders, KloudGin can alert your employees to follow local, state and federal requirements for break and lunch schedules, ensuring compliance. Avoid costly overtime and missed punches with automated checks, alerts and approval workflows. Configure your overtime, union & other pay code rules. Customize pay rates and workflow rules for seamless and accurate time capture and payroll.

Integrations with Payroll & Accounting Systems

Leverage pre-built connectors to your accounting or payroll software (on-premise / cloud) to automatically sync timely and accurate employee & subcontractor time clocking data for payroll and invoicing. Out-of-the-box connections to 50+ enterprise systems with a cloud-based integration engine that can pull and harmonize data from various sources. With KloudGin, you can quickly and easily connect to any system, no matter what it is or where it resides.  Learn More


Single, configurable, native mobile and cloud-based application for all your business processes.

No upgrades required

KloudGin is delivered as a SaaS application. This translates into a lower Total Cost of Ownership by eliminating hardware and software purchases, support and maintenance headaches, and most importantly the vicious multi-million $ software upgrade cycles. KloudGin is operated as a single code base ensuring you always have the latest features without the need for migrations.


KloudGin runs globally on Amazon Web services (AWS) cloud which is Fast, Reliable & Secure‎. All communications are over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. All mobile offline data is encrypted using AES 256-based hardware encryption. KloudGin also directly integrates with Single Sign On (SSO), LDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, OKTA and SAML 2.0 for authentication.


  • Comprehensive end-to-end analytics solution with a single SLA built on a modern cloud platform
  • KloudGin platform is open and extensive by design.
  • With KloudGin, you can quickly and easily connect to any source of data, no matter what it is or where it lives. Leverage a vast, pre-built library of adaptors   Read More

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