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A Modern Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to maximize utility of your assets

Track and monitor facility and distributed assets (both company and customer-owned) with KloudGin’s Enterprise Asset Management. Manage asset groupings, locate and document assets, set preventive schedules, and work plans, execute corrective or emergency maintenance with this comprehensive cloud-based and mobile-first solution.


Complete Asset Rental, Leasing and Service

KloudGin Work and Asset Management (WAM) offers a consistent process to manage the rental, service, refurbishment and re-sale of assets. Manage ongoing changes in the disposition of assets, from inventory, to rented equipment (Fixed Assets), to renovation (WIP), to stored in warehouse locations (Inventory). Calculate the asset value part replacement and refurbishment.


Intelligent Asset Performance Management

KloudGin incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to help companies replace manual, reactionary processes with automatic, predictive processes that prevent downtime, improve profitability and create a competitive advantage.


Improve Asset Utilization

KloudGin Asset Management enables complete control of all assets (internal assets, customer assets, or joint use assets) delivering a full history that stays connected to the equipment, regardless of its location. Achieve a comprehensive view of the actual and future condition of the asset, maintenance and investment policies.


Maximize Asset availability with Predictive Maintenance Software

KloudGin supports the most simple to the most complex asset management requirements. Designed to accommodate every business objective, KloudGin supports run-to-failure, time/usage-based maintenance, and maintenance based on single-point or continuous sampling. Alternately, define the asset strategy using AI/ML models embedded within KloudGin.

Service Contract-to-Bill

KloudGin digitizes the complete service contract-to-bill process. Asset and work scheduling are automated based on service contracts. Create pro-forma invoices for completed work orders with labor and inventory to be billed to your customer. Billing integration synchronizes data to your accounting system for no-touch AR updates.

asset management

An EAM system that adapts to what comes next

A Modern Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to maximize utility of your assets.


Native Mobile APP

Deliver the information your field teams need when and where they need it - even when offline. Reduce job time and improve issue resolution with reliable access to schedules, work order details, manuals, and more.

Work Order Management

Manage preventive and reactive maintenance, create and track work orders manually or based on sensor signals and attach inspection confirmation.

Case Management

Reduce redundancies and errors by tracking customer service requests and related information through case creation and management.

Auto Scheduling

Get the right people, parts and equipment to jobs with effective scheduling decisions, optimal work routes, enhanced visibility of inventory and more. Schedule both short and long cycle work with KloudGin’s in-memory, high capacity scheduling engine.


Dispatch Center provides real-time monitoring of crews and work order status, allowing overrides and digital communication with field crews. It is fully configurable and provides a daily, weekly and monthly view.

Route Optimization

Enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency with optimized real-time routing that leverages AI/ML-based algorithms incorporating traffic, unexpected delays, priority, distance and other factors.

Digitization of end-to-end asset lifecycle

  • Procurement, configuration and fabrication.
  • Transportation to installation.
  • Post install service and continuous monitoring.
  • Billing for asset sales and rental leases.

Timesheet Management

Automate time clocking, enhance policy adherence, and get complete visibility into your workforce. Workers clock in/ out of jobs on mobile, administrative tasks, training, meetings, breaks – with or without cell coverage. Automatically sync time clocking data for payroll and invoicing.

Safety and Compliance

Keep track of crew safety and site compliance by leveraging geofencing of sites, lat/ long timestamp for job activities, photos, and other GPS data logs including crew routes.

Manage Contracts

Effectively centralize and manage all your service contracts across customer locations, services and assets, completely integrated with work order management, service billing and entitlements. Reduce revenue leakage without compromising the quality of service.

Service Billing

Create pro-forma invoices for completed work orders with labor and inventory items to be billed to the customer. Shorten your billing cycle by automating invoices according to contracted payment schedules. Integrate seamlessly with the billing system of record for no-touch AR updates.

Inventory Management

Eliminate paper-based processes and improve working capital with real-time visibility to inventory and spare parts, allowing you to better plan, replenish critical spare parts and reduce costs.

Procurement Management

Procure and allocate materials to work orders and manage replenishment to required minimum and maximum levels.

Fleet & Facilities Management

Increase vehicle, asset and equipment life and uptime while reducing maintenance costs. Manage maintenance schedules and budgets, track costs, parts and inventory for a 360 view.

Monitor costs and Purchase Orders

Track the inventory used, equipment, and labor against your contracts and proactively manage risks to productivity, inventory, and cost overruns.

Reporting & Analytics

IImprove insight into your business processes with detailed reports, built-in analytics and an easily configurable dashboard to help you quickly track key metrics and identify issues.

Seamless Oracle NetSuite Integration

Oracle NetSuite certified real-time integration eliminates manual re-keying of core information and improves accuracy.

Seamless Sage Intacct Integration

Bi-directional certified real-time integration eliminates manual re-keying of core information and improves accuracy.

Seamless ESRI Integration Online & Offline

Bi-directional integration to Esri-ArcGIS with real-time location and mapping. Publish ESRI map service data to planners, schedulers, dispatchers, mobile crews, and more. Also available at ESRI Marketplace.

Seamless PTC IoT Certified Integration

Rapidly enable modern, connected equipment management for remote, predictive maintenance, connected field service, and automated sensor-based (IoT) asset diagnostic services.

Seamless Integrations

Integrations to

  • Payroll, Billing : Paycom, Kronos, Oracle Netsuite Payroll.
  • E-Commerce : Shopify, NetSuite, DocuSign, and more.
  • Work Management Systems : Service Channel, CorrigoPro, IDI CostGuard, Oracle CC&B, Oracle C2M, ServiceNow and more.
  • WEather, IoT & Outage system : WeatherWorks, AccuWeather, GE ADMS, AWS IoT.


Connected through a single platform


Connected Customer

Empower your customers, increase efficiency and improve customer service.

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Connected Subcontractor

Simplify contractor management with a self-serve portal for contractual and compliance information.

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Field Service Management Suite

Coordinate operations in real-time, manage your entire workforce and improve job efficiencies to better serve your...

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Digital transformation is helping us maximize our scheduling, asset reliability and uptime, reduce capital and operational expenditures, extend asset life, reduce unplanned downtime and provide superior customer service – all without increasing operational, safety or environmental risks.

Dave Vogel

Executive Vice President Louisville Water Company


Utilities and Public Sector - Water

Optimizing work and asset performance is imperative to providing safe, responsive and cost effective systems of water delivery and management. KloudGin is ready.

Utilities and Public Sector - Electric and Gas

Shifts to clean energy, customer service demands, and increasing regulatory pressure are driving system modernization and opening up new revenue opportunities for the electric and gas industry. KloudGin is ready.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is set for rapid growth. As traditional energy generators compete against newer entrants, technology that harnesses the power of data and resources will be a key differentiator. KloudGin is ready.


As 5G becomes a reality, telecommunications service providers face market opportunities and challenges. Advancing network integrity and customer satisfaction while operating efficiently are key to survival and growth. KloudGin is ready.

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry needs an agile solution to help extend asset life and boost wrench time, improving service delivery and driving profitability. KloudGin is ready.

Asset Rentals

The complexity of managing commercial and industrial rentals can weigh heavily on margins and efficiency. Technology that automates scheduling and maintenance can boost productivity and profitability. KloudGin is ready.


Pre-empting breakdowns with well-timed preventive maintenance can have a big impact on profitability and business success. Reduce machine downtime, extend equipment life, and reduce costs with KloudGin.

Facilities Maintenance - HVAC

IoT and smart technologies are changing every aspect of the HVAC landscape. KloudGin is ready.

Facilities Maintenance - Snow Management

Simplify scheduling, routing and job management, delight your customers and win more business with KloudGin.

Facilities Maintenance - Commercial Cleaning

Simplify scheduling, contractor and job management, delight your customers and win more business with KloudGin.

Facilities Maintenance - Lawn and Landscaping

Simplify scheduling, contractor and job management, delight your customers and win more business with KloudGin.

Engineering and Construction

Completing jobs on time and on budget requires a solution that tackles the complexity of scheduling and managing large projects and improves efficiency and profitability. KloudGin is ready.


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