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KloudGin users can tightly integrate their mapping technology, simplify workflows and increase process efficiency across broad geographic areas. KloudGin can display any published Esri map service data to planners, schedulers, dispatchers, mobile crews, and more.

Field collection of GIS data

Monitor and manage enterprise assets using a single app. Collection of GIS data in the field can eliminate labor-intensive activities such as:


  • Manual entry of field collected data forms
  • Data consolidation at the office
  • Quality control verification

Integrated work activities enhanced by GIS data

  • Work activity planning, execution and scheduling
  • Reporting work or asset information through thematic maps by geographic area
  • Performing trace operations to identify affected assets and customers

Interactive and integrated map-based workflow

  • Work creation linked to one or more GIS assets
  • Adding asset(s) details to existing work orders after investigation
  • Identifying work locations by dropping pins and associating them to work orders, and much more.

Give field teams direct access to view and edit GIS data

Whether online or offline, KloudGin users can capture edits to GIS feature attributes from the field as well as mark up maps with redlines.


With dozens of customers in the energy, telecommunications and municipal utilities sectors, KloudGin has a proven track record of successfully implementing location-centric solutions for field-based utilities and service providers worldwide. KloudGin’s combined field service and asset management solutions provide customers a single face of work, paving the way for smarter asset and personnel deployment and strategic management decisions.

Dawn Caravallo

Manager, Esri Partner Network


Utilities and Public Sector

The need to modernize and find new opportunities for revenue growth has never been greater as the industry grapples with aging infrastructure, a retiring workforce, rising costs, tightening regulation, and pressure from ratepayers. KloudGin is ready.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is set for rapid growth. As traditional energy generators compete against newer entrants, technology that harnesses the power of data and resources will be a key differentiator. KloudGin is ready.


As 5G becomes a reality, telecommunications service providers face market opportunities and challenges. Advancing network integrity and customer satisfaction while operating efficiently are key to survival and growth. KloudGin is ready.

Oil and Gas

The Oil and Gas industry needs an agile solution to help extend asset life and boost wrench time, improving service delivery and driving profitability. KloudGin is ready.

Facilities Maintenance

Doing more with less is the mainstay of facilities management. To do BETTER with less, service providers need a solution that makes the best use of all available resources and provides a 360° view of project and service status. KloudGin is ready.

Asset Rentals

The complexity of managing commercial and industrial rentals can weigh heavily on margins and efficiency. Technology that automates scheduling and maintenance can boost productivity and profitability. KloudGin is ready.


Pre-empting breakdowns with well-timed preventive maintenance can have a big impact on profitability and business success. Reduce machine downtime, extend equipment life, and reduce costs with KloudGin.

Engineering and Construction

Completing jobs on time and on budget requires a solution that tackles the complexity of scheduling and managing large projects and improves efficiency and profitability. KloudGin is ready.


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